Chrissoulas has been a dream of Chefs Nick and Theo since 2008, when they graduated together from one of the nation’s top-ten culinary schools Kendall College in Chicago, IL.  They have a combined 20+ years of experience in the culinary industry.

Named for and after our Yiayia (Greek for Grandma), Chrissoulas is a very special place for our family and friends. Our Yiayia was a monumental influence on the Chefs. Chrissoula, and our Paupou (Greek for Grandpa) lived in Mettawa, IL, for 30+ years. Some of our fondest memories take place at their family home, surrounding her kitchen table. Yiayia always had something cooking, and never let food go to waste. She made cooking exciting, attainable and fun! Cooking with her was a joy, and we’re honored to use her namesake for our first restaurant.


Chefs Nick and Theo moved to Libertyville, IL in 1998, and graduated from Libertyville High School in 2003 and 2007, respectfully. When our space became available, 20 years later, we knew it was time to open our first restaurant. We are tremendously proud to be small business owner in this wonderful town. Libertyville has always been our home, and we’re proud to contribute to its already stellar culinary scene.



Chef Nick began his culinary journey working front of house in various North Shore restaurants, eventually making his way back to the kitchen, where his true passion lies. Nick was the Executive Chef at the prominent Philly G’s in Lincolnshire for 8+ years before closing their doors in 2017. Join us and you’ll likely see Nick on the floor, greeting customers and managing our day-to-day business.


Chef Theo began his culinary journey as a line cook at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette, IL. Theo advanced to find his niche working in true, chef-driven kitchens throughout downtown Chicago. Theo previously was the Executive Chef of San Diego’s leading French Bistro and crêpery before returning home to open Chrissoulas with his brother Nick. Although Chef is always busy back in the kitchen, he enjoys stepping out onto the floor to present his dishes directly to our customers.